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Road Trips in India You Should Not Miss!

Road trips are never just about the place you are heading to, but in fact the many places you will come across while driving. Striking off “predictability”, it is one reason why serious travellers love road trips! Dumping your luggage in the car, sitting besides your loved ones, sun rays kissing your face, winds ruffling through your hair and you resting your head on the open window of your car; everything seems like a magical experience! Sure there are moments of panic and despair but compared to the special memories you make, they are nothing. If you feel that your life has got a bit monotonous and you need to break away from the chains engulfing you, go on a road trip with your special ones and experience moments of pure joy. Keep reading further to discover which road trip you should take on this weekend: 1) Delhi to Manali - Travelling from the hustle bustle of Delhi city to the tranquillity of Manali, it can’t get better! The road trip will cover Himalayas which make for