Monday, August 10, 2015

Road Trips in India You Should Not Miss!

Road trips are never just about the place you are heading to, but in fact the many places you will come across while driving. Striking off “predictability”, it is one reason why serious travellers love road trips! Dumping your luggage in the car, sitting besides your loved ones, sun rays kissing your face, winds ruffling through your hair and you resting your head on the open window of your car; everything seems like a magical experience! Sure there are moments of panic and despair but compared to the special memories you make, they are nothing. If you feel that your life has got a bit monotonous and you need to break away from the chains engulfing you, go on a road trip with your special ones and experience moments of pure joy. Keep reading further to discover which road trip you should take on this weekend:

1) Delhi to Manali

- Travelling from the hustle bustle of Delhi city to the tranquillity of Manali, it can’t get better! The road trip will cover Himalayas which make for a picturesque location and the entire drive should be smooth. If you want to reach Manali by night, it is best you start your journey in early morning. Preferably by 4:00 AM or 5:00AM. The towns you will cover in your journey will be Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Ambala, Sunder Nagar, Roopnagar, Mandi and Kullu. You will come across plenty of dhabas and popular food chains like Barista and CCD to satisfy your appetite. So you need not worry about that. Ensure that you make your stay comfortable by staying in the best hotels of Manali. Makemytrip coupons present on will help you get hold of amazing discounts while booking your hotels online.

2) Mumbai to Goa

- Mumbai to Goa is a must do road trip and if you have watched Bollywood movies, you will know why! Inhaling the fresh scent in your lungs, listening to the chirping of birds, gazing over the beautiful sights of nature is what the road trip will offer you. Mumbai to Goa is a 10 hour road trip and to witness the calming sunset in India, you need to start your trip early in morning. And by night time after an hour of relaxing, you can delight in Goa’s night party life! The approx distance from Mumbai to Goa is about 590kms.

3) Ahmedabad to Kutch

- The land of white sands complemented by the multitude of colors donned by the Kutch people is what you will be greeted to when you enter in Kutch. The approx distance from Ahmedabad to Kutch is 402kms. You will come across different cultural activities which will pass away your time and you might even see desert animals on your way. Once you reach Kutch, do not forget to see Narayan sarovar, Indian wild ass sanctuary and Aina mahal. Yatra coupons available on will lower your travelling expenses by letting you book hotel at the best bargained price along the bonus of cashback.

4) Bangalore to Munnar

- If you reside in Bangalore and want to cut back on your stress and just want some alone time, Munnar is the place to go! The enthralling beauty coupled with it being a no mobile phone coverage zone will make for a perfect getaway for you. The distance from Bangalore to Munnar is 476 kms and it will require a time of 10 hours to reach this place. The scenic beauty which you will come across on your way won’t let you get bored even for a moment. Plus it will be a great respite from the heat of Bangalore!

5) Kolkata to Varanasi

- It will be a treat to tread on the spiritual land of Varanasi. Varanasi is a 682kms distance from Kolkata and takes approx 9 hours to reach. It is recommended that you make your first stop at Dhanbad to visit the beautiful Kalyaneshwari Temple. Sure, Varanasi is a colourful and insistently chaotic place but when it comes to rituals, it is also unapologetic! So keep it in mind as it is definitely not a place for the faint-hearted people.