Tulips of Sofia during the spring of Covid 19 pandemic

Whether it is because we are locked at home because of the pandemic of COVID 19, or simply because it is spring and the weather is beautiful, the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia is fabulously beautiful at the moment. Unfortunately, the streets are deserted, but the parks and gardens, on the other hand, are beautiful.

I offer you a short walk in the center of Sofia. Enjoy masterfully made gardens, mostly decorated with tulips and other spring flowers.
Who says Holland is the land of tulips? :)
The walk starts from the monument Cathedral  Saint Alexander Nevski and goes along the garden of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the monument of the Bulgarian volunteers. Enjoy true tulip paintings and different colors and types.

We continue along Moskovska Street, behind the Russian Church "Sveti Nikolay Marlichiiski" and past the Art Gallery and the former Tsar's Palace. Unfortunately, the royal garden is closed with police tapes because of the pandemic, but this …

Road Trips in India You Should Not Miss!

Road trips are never just about the place you are heading to, but in fact the many places you will come across while driving. Striking off “predictability”, it is one reason why serious travellers love road trips! Dumping your luggage in the car, sitting besides your loved ones, sun rays kissing your face, winds ruffling through your hair and you resting your head on the open window of your car; everything seems like a magical experience! Sure there are moments of panic and despair but compared to the special memories you make, they are nothing. If you feel that your life has got a bit monotonous and you need to break away from the chains engulfing you, go on a road trip with your special ones and experience moments of pure joy. Keep reading further to discover which road trip you should take on this weekend:

1)Delhi to Manali -Travelling from the hustle bustle of Delhi city to the tranquillity of Manali, it can’t get better! The road trip will cover Himalayas which make for a pictur…

3 Bulgarian ski resorts are ready for the new ski season

The top 3 Bulgarian ski resorts Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko will start the new ski season officially on December 13, 2014. The resorts will have special promositions for first skiers , who will visit them. During the day of opening, most of the lifts will be used free of charge.

Pamporovo will offer a day ski pass for only 20 euro till Christmas and after that the price will be about 27. On December 13, Pamporovo will provide entertainment for visitors - DJ party, winter fest with hot drinks and sponsors competitions, games with shootings and raffle prizes.

Borovets provides during the opening day half price of the lift passes and free night skiing, free skiing and snowboarding lessons for beginners, free children's park "Borokids" and children's animation. This winter resort is secured with more snowmaking machines and slopes with artificial snow, twice as powerful slope preparation equipment and more illuminated night slopes for skiing. Freestyle lovers will …

How to Kill Time at Munich International Airport

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like to travel by plane, one amongst the worst stuff you will do is come back unprepared, principally for things like long layovers. You’ll be downright miserable if you are unprepared and cannot discern something to try and do. You can, though, simply learn the way to linger at one of the busiest International airports in Europe - Munich by merely knowing what to bring, wherever to buy, or wherever to search out the most effective food for your tastes.
I landed at Terminal 2 and was lucky that there was no Lufthansa strike at that time, so I hoped to get my next flight on time (It turned out that the connection flight delay was only 1 hour at all  ).
Shopping and Dining It is well known that there are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities for the people who have to stay long enough to the airport. The best way to find what you need is to take an airport map or to play with some of the modern info gates that are installed at Munich airport. …

5 Must Visit Places In Bahrain

Bahrain will still continue to woo most visitors who set foot on this lonely planet, the country is made up some lovely places to visit, every traveller will find it a spoils for choice when looking for places to visit, the country being in a desert location has some unique attractions which appeals to travellers, the capital city of the country is one such destination to visit with many attractions to exploit. Manama is one place which every visitor need to take a keen interest in visiting, there are many attractions almost numbering forty which can be visited in the city.
Manama  Manama in Bahrain is the main city with various attractions worth visiting, it's the centre of administration for the country with virtually all information, tourism information services can be found at the main office in the city. Bahrain National Museum is another to visit while in the country, the museum has a collection of all the historical fact of the country, here you will be able to find all his…

6 Alluring Travel Destinations in Australia

For all the adventurous travellers who are inspired by the insatiable thirst for seeing and experiencing new places, Australia is the perfect destination. The Land Down Under has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists over the recent years, and its warm weather and perpetually entertaining terrain have been attracting travellers from all over the world. Of all the wonders that Australia has to offer, the six most prominent destinations are mentioned below. These destinations have been at the top of Australia's action and earned themselves a spot as some of the most widely loved and revered destinations in Australia.

The Sydney Harbour Location - Sydney  The Sydney Harbour is arguably the most popular tourist destination in Australia. Located in Australia's biggest city, it’s the biggest and most prolific harbour in the world. Its magnitude and magnificence are breath-taking. Top Attractions - Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Opera.
The Gre…

2014 World cup host cities – Cuiaba, Brazil

About: Founded in 1727, Cuiaba is the capital city of the Brazilian state Mato Grosso. The city has a population of about 600 000 people and has been nicknamed ‘Green City', as it is surrounded by breathtaking natural sites. Cuiaba serves as an access way to Brazil's three main and characteristic ecosystems: the savannas of the Cerrado, the wetlands of the Pantanal and the Amazon.

Before start to travel to Brazil check my post - 6 things to know, before you travel to Brazil.
Location Cuiaba is located in the most central part of the continent - the geographic centre of South America. The distance to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is 2 000 km / 1242 mi , so it’s in the middle between two oceans.
Climate Cuiaba has a tropical wet and dry climate. The coldest month is July with average low temperatures of 16.6 °C (61.9 °F), but the maximum can reach 37 °C (99 °F) and the minimum 6 °C (43 °F). From August to December, the temperatures can reach even 40 – 43 °C (104 – 109 °F).
How to…