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Travel to Sochi, Russia - resort for ski and sea

About Sochi (Сочи) The first settlers on the territory of Sochi appeared 400-350 thousand years ago in lower Paleolithic age. Founded in 1838 obtained city status in 1896, Sotschi is biggest seaside center of Russia.  Its population in 2010 was 343,334 people. If you wonder, where Sochi is located in Russia, please have a look at the Sochi map .  That Russian resort city is located on the Black sea coast, near the Caucasus Mountains - 270 km (167 miles) from Krasnodar and 1620 km (1006 miles) south of Moscow. The longest city in Russia (150 km / 90 miles) - Greater Sochi - includes four administrative districts: Lazarevsky district, Tsentralny district, Khostinsky district and Adlersky. With its subtropical climate - hot summers and mild winters, and proximity to the beach as well as mountains, Sochi has attracted vacationers for many years and is a favorite place for recreation of the population of the former Soviet Countries. " Sochi Adler International Airport " 

Dubai, UAE – hot tourists destination for the cold winter holidays

Dubai is one amongst the seven emirates that structure the United Arab Emirates. It's rather like associate freelance city-state and is that the hottest and progressive emirate within the UAE, developing at an incredible pace within the traveler and trade sectors particularly. Dubai skyline A relatively new traveler destination, city was gaining quality in recent years. It is actually a desert town with very good infrastructure, liberal policies (by regional standards), that became standard for its wonderful traveler amenities. Dubai’s location makes it an excellent short break for searching, partying, sunbathing, fine feeding, sporting events, and even a number of sinful pleasures. it's a town of superlatives: for the quickest, biggest, tallest, largest and highest. it's the most important migrant population within the world. Recently urban center won the bid to host Expo 2020, a Universal scale Registered Exposition approved by the Bureau of International Exposition

Sofia is ready for Christmas and New Year's celebrations

I had a chance to walk around Sofia downtown these days and I was happy to see that the city is well decorated with the Christmas symbols – Christmas trees and shining lights. Especially some of the big buildings like banks, shopping centers and hotels attract me with its decorations. Sofia downtown Location of Sofia Christmas market I‘d like to share some pictures (sorry for the poor quality, but it seems to be that smart phones are not the best decisions for night shots) and information about a place I found ( exactly here ) , that turned out to be the Sofia Christmas Market.  It is located at the city garden, right next the Bulgarian National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”. I don’t why, but It makes me feel like I’m in Austria or Germany, may be because there were signs “Weihnachtsmarkt”.  Weihnachtsmarkt Sofia The market offers:  Christmas food - different type of sausages, just like Austrian’s and German’s “Wurst”, pastry and candies; hot wine (Glühwein) and punch; Ch

Alberto Tomba and Marc Ghirardelli open ski season at Bansko

Five ski legends are guests to the official opening of the ski season in Bulgarian resort Bansko, located at Pirin Mountain. Alberto Tomba – three times Olympic and double world champion in alpine skiing. Alberto gave his name one of the resort’s ski slopes, which is called - TOMBA ;  Marc Ghirardelli - the only five times winner of the Big Crystal Globe in alpine skiing , who is also honorary citizen of Bansko;  Foto: facebook Check out in which hotels the ski legends like to stay in Bansko !          Luc Alphand - winner of the overall World Cup title in 1997 . O ne of the biggest names in the French Alpine skiing, has become a real phenomenon in the sport after the 2006 winning in the most serious car race in the world - "Dakar Rally ";          Jure Košir - Slovenian alpine skier, which has 15 seasons in the World Cup with three wins and 20 podiums;          Peter Popangelov - Bulgarian all time number 1 alpine skier. An unique opportu

The Rainbow Sheikh and the Emirates National Auto Museum

I spent half a day to visit the Emirates National Auto Museum (ENAM) and now I can definitely say that this is one of the places in the UAE, which are worth seeing. And it’s not because there aren’t many auto museums around the world, but because the exhibits of this museum were private collection of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan , also known as “Rainbow Sheikh”. The collection is one of the largest of the world. Emirates National Auto Museum entrance and Mercedes monster truck How to get there. The museum is located 70 km. / 43 miles away from Abu Dhabi (Corniche Rd) on the E65 road to Liwa Oasis and it takes about 40-50 minutes driving. Explore the m ap to find Auto museum location. The road to Emirates National Auto Museum You can buy tickets at the entrance of the pyramid in which is the museum. Nobody offered us a guide to take us around the museum and frankly, the people who stood at the entrance were not very talkative. The admission price is AED

Bulgarian ski season 2013-2014

Only a few days remain until the opening of the ski season 2013-2014 in Bulgaria. If you are curious to know when the official 2013-2014 ski season openings of the major Bulgarian ski resorts will be and what ski pass prices to expect, just read the post below. Borovets The oldest Bulgarian ski resort is situated on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain at the attitude of 1350 m. 1350 m. / 4429 ft. ( route  from Sofia) Official ski season opening :  Saturday, Dec 14 Ski passes prices: 15.12.2013-14.03.2014 15.03.2014-15.04.2014 Half day adults 30 BGN / 15 € 22 BGN / 11 € Half day children 20 BGN / 10 € 14 BGN / 7 € 1 day adults 55 BGN / 28 € 44 BGN / 22.5 € 1 day children 33 BGN / 17 € 27 BGN / 14 € 3 days adults 155 BGN / 79 € 123 BGN / 63 € 3 days children 82 BGN / 42 € 66 BGN / 34 € 6 days adults 290 BGN /