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Visit Brazil for world cup 2014

Do you know which country is hosting world cup 2014 2014 is year of big sport events. Shortly after the completion  of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, ski season will be closed and the winter will go from the northern hemisphere. But summer will bring new sports emotions, because this year is the year of football.The Brasil football World Cup 2014 (Copa do Mundo) will be the twentieth World Cup Soccer in its history. It will be in  South America and more specially in Brazil. The beginning is  Thursday, June 12 and finals are on Sunday, July 13. It will be the second time after 1950, that this soccer world cup forum will be in Brazil. The country was elected undoubted as host in 2007. Discover the host Cities map of 2014 World cup.
In a series of posts, I will focus on each of the host cities. Those of you who plan to attend the Mundial 2014 will find many helpful hints on how to get to the host city, where to stay, what to eat and any other useful tourist information…

Jackson Hole - four seasons mountain resort

I admit that I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (map) in the summer and just remember that it was great. Temperatures were low, but this was not a problem because in June is usually very hot, so it was pleasant for me. Due to the high altitude (6200 feet / 1890 m.), Temperatures were between 32 F / 0 C to 75 F / 24 C , so it was warm in the day and cool in the night. And although it was summer, I was lucky enough to see snowfall in one of the days spent there. The exciting scenery, nice and inviting atmosphere in the hotel made me think to go there to ski in the winter. I found, there are many lodging options and services. From this and subsequent posts, you will understand why I call it - four seasons resort. The place is great as for winter and summer vacations as well as for corporate gatherings and special events, because offering a wide variety of year-round activities.  I get to Jackson by air from Salt Lake City and it took me about 15 minutes to get to downtown. Relatively small, th…

Winter Paralympic Games, Sochi 2014 - schedule

Winter Paralympic Games 2014 will be opened on March 7 and will continue until February 16, 2014 in Sochi. There will be competitions in 5 sports as follows:Alpine Skiing;Biathlon;Cross-Country Skiing;Ice Sledge Hockey;Wheelchair Curling. All times are in GMT/UTC + 04:00 hour (Sochi time zone) !
Friday, 7 MarchOpening ceremony20:00
Saturday , 8 March sport time event Biathlon8:008:2510:0010:1511:0511:44Women's 6 km, SittingMen's 7,5 km, SittingWomen's 6 km, Standing Men's 7,5 km, Standing Women's 6 km, Visually ImpairedMen's 7,5 km, Visually ImpairedAlpine Skiing8:00
9:109:50Women's Downhill, Visually ImpairedWomen's Downhill, Standing Women's Downhill, Sitting Men's Downhill, Visually Impaired Men's Downhill, Standing Men's Downhill, Sitting Wheelchair Curling7:307:307:307:3013:3013:3013:3013:30Round Robin Session 1 RUS - CHNRound Robin Session 1 KOR - NORRound Robin Session 1 CAN - GBRRound Robin Session 1 SVK - USARound Ro…

Most Common 6 Lottery Winning Numbers in the World

Calculations are based on statistical sampling of some of the world's biggest lottery games.The information is valid as of January 6, 2014 and is not a recommendation or a forecast of future lottery games !Australia Monday Lotto numbers 211320324523
Australia Wednesday Lotto numbers 321045441632
Australia Saturday Lotto numbers 25404119181
Australia Powerball numbers 52222413829
Australia Oz Lotto numbers 27292874035
Canada 6/49 numbers 343140452023
Spanish El Gordo lottery numbers 295347491118
EuroJackpot numbers 256791018
EuroMillions numbers 50411193844
German Lotto numbers 49326263822
Irish Lotto numbers 32293411
Irish Lotto Plus 1 numbers 415338209
Irish Lotto Plus 2 numbers 173711713
South America Mega Sena numbers 5454535133
UK Health Lottery numbers 130573421
UK Lotto numbers 443823403330
UK Lotto Plus 5 numbers 14224018317
UK Thunderball numbers 3210286184
USA California Super Lotto numbers 152620333546
USA Florida Lotto numbers 28815482947
USA Lotto Texas numbers 261939411631
USA Mega …