I'm an engineer who travels to different places for more than twenty years. I do it for business and for pleasure...

My journeys began on duty as actively engaged in sports and regularly I had to go somewhere for competitions and training camps. Usually, many of these places were in the nature - wild and unpopular tourist places. Subsequently, a few things have changed and I started to travel again in debt since my job required it. What changed was that I no longer had to sleep on camping, tents and cheap hotels, and usually travels were in far more urbanized areas.
I can say I've seen a lot. I had situations when I have been hungry in the mountains and others in which I attended the expensive and luxurious receptions. I slept as well in the open air and in 5 star hotels. I have collected many impressions, did have thousands of pictures and I have collected heaps of tourist brochures, guides and maps. I have always tried to prepare in advance and gather all available information about where I go. Now it is relatively easy because there is Internet, but in the past it was an adventure.

Why I decided to share all this ?

In preparation for my last trip, digging on the Internet I found that I'm spending a lot of time searching for needed information. It is very difficult in this data ocean to come across with what you care about. Typically run into hundreds Guides (if the place is a popular tourist destination) and tourist sites full of cliche and polished phrases such as "... it is best at..., …it is very beautiful at…, this is one of the only ones in the world…", etc. Typically, the real situation, when you arrive appears to be slightly different, than you have read.
That’s why I decided to dig in my archives and to spend some time to briefly describe (what I remember of course) the places where I was in my sight. I’ll post pictures, maps, links and other interesting information that I have used during my trips. Do not expect to find information, which you can find in almost every tourist guide, just facts and pictures of reality - as I've seen it and experienced.

Еnjoy reading !

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