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iOS 7.0.2 update out - Photos

iOS 7.0.2 update in pictures  

Did you know that, Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways has certain dress code for its flights?

I supposed to fly to Abu Dhabi, so I bought a ticket and read in the e-mail I received that, based in Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways , the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates , have certain dress standards that you must conform with . So before you fly, it’s good to know: For guests travelling on this ticket, with the exception of tickets endorsed “Media”, “Prizewinner” or “Service Recovery”, Etihad has certain dress standards that you must conform with. National dress is acceptable attire in all cabins. For travel in economy (Coral) zone the minimum standard of dress is smart casual: • Males: Collared shirt and smart casual trousers. Smart jeans and sports shoes may be worn • Females: Dress, trousers or skirt and top with sleeves. Smart jeans and sports shoes may be worn For travel in business (Pearl) zone the minimum standard of dress is: • Males: Long sleeved jacket, collared shirt and smart trousers. A tie is not necessary. • Females: Long sleeved jacket, blouse/smar

iOS 7 upgrade, 5 days later

First impressions after iOS 7 upgrade 5 days after upgrading my iPhone4 and iPad2 to iOS 7, I’m thinking of downgrading to iOS 6. After I met a little boy in a cellphone shop, who asked me :    - S ir do you know how I could have back my previous i OS , because this is very ugly , I talked to myself oh my god It s the same feeling that I have. I've heard other opinions like this , also. iOS 6 iOS 7 Why I want iOS 6.1.4 back ? ·          Design I don’t like it simply because it’s not so captivating and aesthetic as previous ones. The user interface design of iOS was one of the things that I loved in Apple products. It was so different and beautiful, making everything to looks like real. Now it’s so simple, it’s now just ONE OF THE OTHERS. From the point of view of simplicity – Windows Phone is much better and I really don’t understand why Apple decide to make iOS 7 similar to WP ? ·          Performance I don’t know how about 4S, but my i

How I update my iPad 2 to iOS 7 step by step

Another very useful device, when I’m traveling is my iPad 2. It’s very effective especially during my business trips. I still remember the times when I was bringing my old HP notebook, which compared with the iPad weighs a ton. As you may already read my previous post about Iphone update , it’s now time to share with you how I made it with the iPad.  iPad 2 home screen and update notification I’m sure you know that iOS 7 is Apple's latest update and its biggest change since iOS debuted six years ago. I succeed to upgrade my old Iphone 4 on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PDT and right after that a notification appear on my Ipad's home screen (settings icon), so I started to work on the Ipad. iPad   2 Settings menu How I did it? There are 2 approaches to manage with that – over the air, or via iTunes. 1. Wireless update. ·          Enter settings menu ·          Software update ·          You will see that iOS 7.0 is ready to be installed and it requires at lea

iOS 7 - a new face for my old iPhone 4

My iPhone 4 is one of the gadgets that is always in my pocket, when I travel. As you may already know - iOS 7 is already a reality. iOS 7 is Apple's latest update and its biggest change since iOS debuted six years ago. I succeed to upgrade my old iPhone   on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PDT ( you could read here how to update ). iPhone 4, iOS 7 Home screen How I update my iPhone 4 to iOS7 ? I was checking minute after minute for the update on my device and on iTunes. Voila , I read that update is ready to be installed. I was so excited that I started to update simultaneously over the air and via iTunes. iTunes started to update to its latest version - 11.1, so I disconnected the phone and continued the update wireless.  It took less than an hour until I saw my iPhone's new face. iPhone 4, iOS 7 Lock screen iPhone 4, iOS 7 Passcode screen I missed something very important – DON’T FORGET TO BACKUP your device, before update! Multitasking - a s