Travel to Sochi, Russia - resort for ski and sea

About Sochi (Сочи)

The first settlers on the territory of Sochi appeared 400-350 thousand years ago in lower Paleolithic age. Founded in 1838 obtained city status in 1896, Sotschi is biggest seaside center of Russia.  Its population in 2010 was 343,334 people.
If you wonder, where Sochi is located in Russia, please have a look at the Sochi map. That Russian resort city is located on the Black sea coast, near the Caucasus Mountains - 270 km (167 miles) from Krasnodar and 1620 km (1006 miles) south of Moscow. The longest city in Russia (150 km / 90 miles) - Greater Sochi - includes four administrative districts: Lazarevsky district, Tsentralny district, Khostinsky district and Adlersky.
With its subtropical climate - hot summers and mild winters, and proximity to the beach as well as mountains, Sochi has attracted vacationers for many years and is a favorite place for recreation of the population of the former Soviet Countries.
Sochi Adler International Airport
"Sochi Adler International Airportby rapidtravelchai is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

2014 Winter Olympics Sochi 

City has been chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games in July 4, 2007 during the IOC Session in Guatemala City, Guatemala. XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 will be opened on February 7 and will continue until February 23, 2014 in Sochi.Olympic Games in Sochi will be the first Olympics in Russia after the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. At the time, Moscow was the capital of the USSR. Except Sochi, some of the races will be held in “Krasnaya Polyana” ski resort.At the end of the Olympic Games the same places will host the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games.

How to get to Sochi ?

By air

Easiest way to get there is to fly from Moscow (Sheremetyevo airport , Vnukovo airport , Domodedovo airport) to Sochi-Adler Airport. There are regular flights from Moscow and major Russian cities to Sochi , daily. Flight duration is about two hours. You can reach the city from the airport by: 
  •  public transport - you can take the following bus and mini-van lines numbers:
51 - Torgovy center Adler (market)
105 - Forelevoe Hozaistvo (s.Moldovka)
124 - Sochi (railway station)
130 - Forelevoe Hozaistvo (s.Moldovka)
131 - s.Golitsino
135 - Krasnaya Polyana
144 - Dagomys

Check the live schedule of Sochi  bus station timetable .

  • taxi – have in mind, that you have to negotiate the price with the driver before getting into the car. Reasonable prices are about USD 20 to the city, but it’s very likely to change during the time of the Olympics.
In case you need to spend a night near to the airport - try to find your best place among these Adler hotels.

By train

Other option to travel to Sochi is by train from Moscow. It will take about 30 hours and it will cost between USD 100 and USD 200. It’s more comfortable to book a sleeping car if you choose this option. 
There are a couple or railway stations at Sochi, so check here for live timetables of major ones. 

By sea

If you coming from Georgia or Turkey, you can travel to and from Sochi by ferry or hydrofoil, but it’s good first to check availability, because it depends from the season.

Where to stay in Sochi ?

There are plenty of hotels in Sochi, and they are usually more expensive during the summer (May-August), but the winter of 2014 is an exception, because of Winter Olympic Games (February). Early booking is recommended if you plan to visit the Olympics. 

Sochi hotels are located both near the beach and in the mountains, so plan to book your hotel accordingly depending on if you're traveling to Sochi more for the skiing or for swimming and sunshine. Krasnaya polyana (eng. - Red Valley / Red Glade) ski resort is a good option for skiing, for example.

Where to eat in Sochi ?

Restaurants in Sochi provide everything from traditional Russian and Georgian cuisine to hamburgers and pizzas. whether or not you are looking for a pleasant dinner complete with native wine or somewhere fast and attractive, you will not have any problems to find it .

What to do and what to see in Sochi ?

Sochi offers a lot of opportunities for relaxation like nature-focused activities and activities that will appeal to families. Water parks, aquariums, parks, amusement parks, an arboretum, museums as well as shops bars and clubs will help fill time not spent at the beach or ski slopes. You may also visit Stalin's dacha, caves, waterfalls, and a tea plantation. 

Another thing worth visiting is Sochi's sanatoriums - very famous places for relaxation for workers during Soviet times. There you will enjoy medical treatments, fitness programs, and leisure activities or with other words - all-inclusive spa.


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