2014 World cup host cities - Brasilia, Brazil


Founded in 1960, Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil. More than 2,5 million people living in Brasilia  making it fourth most populous city in Brazil. The modernist architecture  of the city is listed as UNESCO world heritage site.
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Brazilia - Brasil
Brazilia - Brasil, Foto: Embratur


Brasilia is located in the Central Highlands of Brazil, which is in the Central-West part of the country.
The city is divided by wide avenues into north and south part. These two parts are divided in numbered superblocks and sectors. There are sectors for specified activities as:

    • Hotel sectors (Setor Hoteleiro) 
    • Embassies sector (Setor de Embaixadas)
    • Commercial sectors (Setor Comercial) 
    • Residential sectors (Superquadras) 
    • Local commerce sectors (Comércio Local).  


Brasilia has a tropical savannah climate and temperatures, which varies depending on the season. During the dry season From April to September, the temperatures are between 17 °C / 63 °F and 28 °C / 82 °F. During the rest of the time, about 22 °C / 72 °F.

Travel tips that you’ll find useful when you visit this place:

How to get there

  • by air

Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport,  is located 11 km / 7 mi away from the city center.
Airport is served by bus transportation and of course it is more convenient to take a taxi.
It will cost you about R$ 30-40 (USD 15-20) to get to the Centre by taxi and R$ 8 (USD USD 3.5) to travel by bus.

Bus lines from and to airport:

    • Line 11 – Q. 716 North / Esplanade – Airport
    • Line  31 – Q. 716 North / W3 North South – Airport
    • Line 102 – Plano Piloto Bus Station / Airport – you can use line 102 to Rodoviária bus terminal and  to use line 131 to get to the Metro or the Rodoferroviaria Train Station.
    • Line 113 - executive line: Airport, Esplanade, Plano Piloto Bus Station, Hoteliers sectors North and South, Airport.
  • by bus 

If you decide to get to Brasilia by bus, it’s good to know that the main bus terminal, called Rodoviaria is located at the western end of the Eixo Monumental and you could get to downtown by bus line 131.

How to Get Around

Public transport in Brasilia is served by buses and metro (subway). To travel by bus, you have to pay R$ 2 (USD 0.9) when you get on the bus by the front door.  There are two subway lines – Orange and Green and 24 metro stations in the city. Single ticket costs R$ 3 / USD 1.30 and R$ 2 / USD 0.9 on holidays. Metro is not very useful for tourists, as it does not visit most of the attractions, so buses are better option to access to the city centre.
It is good to know that taxis in Brasilia are relatively expensive and to take a taxi you should take it by Taxi stands or to call to some of the companies that provide such services.

World cup 2014 Stadium location 

The venue for 2014 world cup is National Mané Garrincha Stadium (Estadio Nacional de Brasilia). The capacity of the National Stadium is 71 000 people.
The stadium will be the stage of 7 matches – highest possible number for 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Group Matches
Match 9
15.06.14 – Switzerland - Ecuador
Match 21
19.06.14 – Colombia - Côte d'Ivoire
Match 33
23.06.14 – Cameroon - Brazil
Match 46
26.06.14 – Portugal - Ghana
Round of Sixteen
Match 53
30.06.14 – 1E v 2F
Match 60
05.07.14 – W55 v W56
Play-off for third place
Match 63
12.07.14 – L61 v L62

National Mané Garrincha Stadium is located about 2 km/1.24 mi from Central metro station and 4.5 km / 2.79 mi from Rodoviária bus terminal, between the TV Tower and the JK Memorial. There is bus connection with the stadium, the bus terminal and city centre.

Where to Stay

You can book a room in one of the many hotels online. If you want to stay closer to National Mané Garrincha Stadium, there are a few affordable hotels, east of the stadium.

Where to Eat

There is no typical, local cuisine in Brasilia, but you will find a variety of restaurants offering International one. If you like Brazilian, Mexican, French food or Sushi - CLS 405 Street is your place. On CLS 210 Street you will find some of the most famous restaurants, bars and diners in Brasilia. If you prefer buffet lunch, like in the rest parts of the country, Brasilia offers Self-service (por quilo) restaurants, which are usually cheaper option than other type of restaurants.

What to see

As I already mentioned, Brasilia is known with its modern architecture. Most of the architectural sites are on the eastern part of the Monumental Axis.
Esplanada dos Ministérios – an avenue with the ministry buildings on each side;
Praça dos Três Poderes (The Three Powers Square) – here are the seats of the Congress, the Presidential Palace (Palácio do Planalto) and the Supreme Court.
Don’t miss also: Palace of Justice, Itamaraty Palace, Palácio da Alvorada and the TV tower.
The Paranoá Lake and Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park are places for people who love the nature.
Cultural attractions:  Brasilia National Museum, Monetary Museum and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil.
If you’d like to make a bus tour, you can do it every day from the TV Tower at 10h and 17h.


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