5 Must Visit Places In Bahrain

Bahrain will still continue to woo most visitors who set foot on this lonely planet, the country is made up some lovely places to visit, every traveller will find it a spoils for choice when looking for places to visit, the country being in a desert location has some unique attractions which appeals to travellers, the capital city of the country is one such destination to visit with many attractions to exploit. Manama is one place which every visitor need to take a keen interest in visiting, there are many attractions almost numbering forty which can be visited in the city.
Airlie Beach - Bahrain
Airlie Beach - Bahrain


Manama in Bahrain is the main city with various attractions worth visiting, it's the centre of administration for the country with virtually all information, tourism information services can be found at the main office in the city. Bahrain National Museum is another to visit while in the country, the museum has a collection of all the historical fact of the country, here you will be able to find all historical records in one place worth exploiting. Bahrain World Trade Centre is a building worth visiting to explore its magnificent, it's one of the tallest building with twin towers, the trade centre is also a hub for trade ties with other countries, there are many stores in its ground floor to shop at, and eateries are strategically placed too. Qalat Al Bahrain is a site worth visiting for historical purposes, the fort is just within the city it was built way back in 15th century by the Portuguese, and it’s a world heritage site registered for important historical significance in the region.
Bahrain Fort
Bahrain Fort

Al Muharraq 

Al Muharraq is the second largest city of the country, the city is just about six kilometres from the main city of Manama, and the city has a number of unique attractions and places to visit being right at the beaches. Arad Fort is a very spectacular landmark to visit while in this city, the port was built by the earliest Portuguese civilization in the region, the, the Fort is still kept intact with its several porches offering attractions. Muharraq Souq is the main shopping Centre in the city; it's at a very strategic location in the city with several stores to buy a number of commodities. Asry Beach is right at the foot of the city, the beach has white sands with tents where visitors go for the Sea viewing, sand bathing, windsurfing and other fun activities.


Riffa is another location within thirty minutes' drive from the Manama city, the city is in an isolated site where there is a golf course for professionals and enthusiasts, there are nice beach hotels to eat and sleep at like Al Bander hotel & resort. The Royal Golf Club is the main golf course at Riffa with panoramic views of the plains, many other attractions can be sampled here, and it’s a golf club of international repute with 18hole level, several cafes and restaurant to enjoy.  Dilmun burial Mounds is just nearby here, the Tumulus are so many with several mounds around which are high, the site is a real historical site worth visiting.


Zallaq town is another worth visiting place while in Bahrain, it's located within the western coast of the country right at a beach place, the village is known for its Al Jazaer Beach with lovely beach life to explore. AI Areen Park and reserve is located near the beaches of Zallaq, here many wildlife can be viewed of several species, and the Park also has many plants and vegetation to exploit. Hotel Sophitel Zallaq is right within the beaches of Zallaq, the hotel offers very fresh sea foods worth indulging into, accommodation and panoramic views of the Sea. Thalassa Sea and Spa is another resort located in the village offering spa services, the spa resort besides nice accommodation to its guests, also provide beauty treatments and spa massages.

Isa Town 

Is a middle class type town found within the Northern sides of the country, the town is fully fitted with many attractions and modern life of the middle class of the country. Hotels like Riviera Palace can be found here with moderate costs and excellent facilities, The Palace Boutique hotel with all exclusive facilities offering superior services to its guests. Isa town Community centre established in 1988 to serve members of the community with social services, training facilities, many other facilities available.
There are many places to visit in Bahrain; the choices are broad ranging from many historical Forts to monumental landscapes like the Museum Oil Wells, the Mosques and more, apply for your Bahrain visa to be ready to go.
Al Fateh Mosque
Al Fateh Mosque


  1. After visiting your blog you reminded me my last visit to Bahrain that I took before my alexandria tours . It is nice to recall my memories, I just found a chance to visit the Zullaq, I had a great experience Al Jazaer Beach, this village is a well renowned among the tourists due to the beach attraction. It is best boating spot that the village offers an opportunity, and also offers to explore the wild life near the beach at AI Areen Park. After enjoying your sharing I think I should again visit there and will enjoyed the missing spots and other Bahrain spot.

  2. There is no Airlie beach in bahrain. This picture is Australian beach.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful travel experience with us, do you know The best time to visit Bahrain is between November and March, when it’s not too hot. Same Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car


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