How to Kill Time at Munich International Airport

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like to travel by plane, one amongst the worst stuff you will do is come back unprepared, principally for things like long layovers. You’ll be downright miserable if you are unprepared and cannot discern something to try and do. You can, though, simply learn the way to linger at one of the busiest International airports in Europe - Munich by merely knowing what to bring, wherever to buy, or wherever to search out the most effective food for your tastes.
I landed at Terminal 2 and was lucky that there was no Lufthansa strike at that time, so I hoped to get my next flight on time (It turned out that the connection flight delay was only 1 hour at all  ).
Munich airport freeshops
Munich airport freeshops

Shopping and Dining

It is well known that there are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities for the people who have to stay long enough to the airport. The best way to find what you need is to take an airport map or to play with some of the modern info gates that are installed at Munich airport.  Thanks to these fancy devices you will know where you are, what is around you and in the meanwhile you will kill some extra minutes.
Munich airport info gate
Munich airport info gate

Free coffee and newspapers

If you don’t have much time between your connections to sit in a café, you can take advantage of one of the many so called “Service stations” - self-services coffee machines, which are placed between gates. You can choose between at least 10 different type of coffee drinks and there is tea, also. All that is FREE and is a compliment by Lufthansa! There are stands with FREE newspapers and magazines, also . I notice that, such service stations are missing at the level, where H gates are, so if you have a chance to go to G gates level, you will definitely find them.
Munich airport service stations, free coffee and newspapers
Munich airport service stations

What else to do at Munich airport ?

You could spend some time, taking care about your shoes.  I found a place, where for €7 – €12, your shoes will be well cleaned and shined. After that, walking with your “new” shoes, you will probably come across two fabulous cars exhibited near to one of the free shops. This is the place, where most of the people stop and start making pictures with those German premium cars. One of them is the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 (we are at Bavaria at all ) and the other one is Audi R8 - V10. I’m sure, you will enjoy those two vehicles and in the meanwhile, you will waste another at least 10 minutes. Of course, may be next time, there will be other models and brands at the airport.
Visit Cosmetic Institute if you need manicures or cosmetic facial and body treatments. If you need a barber - Brants Barber & Shop offers haircut, shave and manicure for gentlemen only.
Munich airport shoe corner
Munich airport shoe corner

Munich airport bmw i8
Munich airport bmw i8

Munich airport audi R8
Munich airport audi R8

What to do, if you are with your kids ?

Children don’t care about their shoes and shiny cars. So, if you don’t want to go into some of the shops, buying them some useless toys, Munich airport will surprise you with original playgrounds and kid corners, some of them created probably by Lufthansa. You could enjoy your free coffee, while you kid is safely playing around.
Munich airport kids corner

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