Halloween, pumpkins and one day round trip to Wachau valley , Lower Austria

As you know, pumpkins, corn husks and scarecrows are elements of the autumn season and homes are often decorated with these types of symbols around Halloween.

Except one of the world top ski destinations, there are a lot of interesting things to see in Austria. Halloween is coming and the tradition of carving pumpkins reminds me for Wachau valley, in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich). When I first got there, it was October and there were various size and colors of pumpkins everywhere - on the local markets and used as decoration for homes. Bye the way in one of the castles I visit, I tried first time in my life – Austrian pumpkin soup (Kürbiscremesuppe).
Vienna-Wachau round trip 1
Vienna-Wachau round trip 1

Besides pumpkins at this time of the year, after the vintage, usually the first new wine is produced. Visiting this area of Austria, you can taste the new wine almost everywhere. There are a plenty of Wachau wine tasting winery tours.

So, if you are in Vienna and have a day off, I could propose you the one day round trip I went:
map - one day round trip to Wachau valley
map - one day round trip to Wachau valley 
I passed through Melk, Spitz, Krems, and many other places along the Danube between Krems and Vienna.
Vienna-Wachau round trip 2
Vienna-Wachau round trip 2
Vienna-Wachau round trip 3
Vienna-Wachau round trip 3 
Vienna-Wachau round trip 4
Vienna-Wachau round trip 4
Vienna-Wachau round trip
Vienna-Wachau round trip 5
Vienna-Wachau round trip
Vienna-Wachau round trip 6
Vienna-Wachau round trip 7
Vienna-Wachau round trip 7
Vienna-Wachau round trip 8
Vienna-Wachau round trip 8
Vienna-Wachau round trip 9
Vienna-Wachau round trip 9
Vienna-Wachau round trip 10
Vienna-Wachau round trip 10
Vienna-Wachau round trip 11
Vienna-Wachau round trip 11


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