2014 World cup host cities - Porto Alegre, Brazil


Founded in 1769 by Manuel Sepúlveda, Porto Alegre is the capital of the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. Population is about 1, 5 million people (4,5 million – metropolitan area) and the majority is formed by European emigrants, which came In the late 19th century. The city is also one of the richest in Brazil. Most of the people who live in Rio Grande do Sul consider themselves as gauchos rather than Brazilians..
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre
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Porto Alegre is situated on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba, where 5 rivers converge and infuse in the lake, forming a delta. Rio Guiba is connected to the Lagoa dos Patos, which is a fresh water lagoon. It is not a problem even for big ships, coming from the Atlantic Ocean to dock at the port.


Porto Alegre has a humid subtropical climate. It is very muggy in the summer, because of high levels of humidity and temperatures, which may reach 36-40 °C (97-104 °F). Winter is mild and the temperatures are between 4 °C (39 °F) to 16 °C (61 °F), but during the coldest season days, the temperature may fall even below 0 °C / 32 °F.

How to get there

  • by air
Salgado Filho (POA) International Airport   is just 7 km/4.3 mi away from downtown.

Bus lines to and from airport:
B09 – AEROPORTO/IGUATEMI Consórcio:Conorte.
If you prefer to travel by taxi, the company that serves airport is – COOTAERO and prices are fixed.
  • by bus
The bus station is located downtown and there are connections to some Brazilian, Argentine, Chilean, and Uruguayan and Paraguayan cities.
  • by boat
There is a ferry operated by CatSul , which connects Porto Alegre to Guaiba.

How to Get Around

You can get around Porto Alegre mainly by bus. There are two type of bus lines – Transversal (“T”) and Circular (“C”) ones.  The only problem is that it is difficult to find the bus stops with signs for lines and destinations, so the best way to manage is to ask the locals. Fares varies from R$ 1,40 / US$ 0,63 to R$ 2,80 / US$ 1,27 for adults. Another possibility is to use so called “Lotação “, which is similar to bus transportation , but  served by vans. It will cost you R$4.25 / US$ 1,92.
The taxi is one of the best options to get around Porto Alegre, because it's faster, safer and it is an easier transport option.
For people who like to get around walking it is advisable to do that only during the day and preferably – downtown.

World cup 2014 Stadium location

Located on the banks of the River Guaiba (3 km./ 1,86 mi from the historic city center), the Estadio Beira-Rio will be the venue for 2014 world cup).
With its capacity is of 50 000 people the stadium will host five matches:
Match 10
15.06.14 – France - Honduras
Match 20
18.06.14 – Australia - Netherlands
Match 32
22.06.14 – South Korea - Algeria
Match 43
25.06.14 – Nigeria - Argentina
Round of Sixteen
Match 54
30.06.14 – 1G - 2H

Except by taxi, you can get to the stadium by bus lines: 110, 111, 149, 1491, 165, 171, 173, 179, 184, 187, 188, R1, R3 and R5.

Where to Stay

There are some hotels located at short distance of Estádio Beira-Rio:

 You will find many more options a little further away in Porto Alegre’s city centre.

Where to Eat

Porto Alegre is famous with its churrasco ( grilled meat ). Here, like in most Brazilian cities, you will find buffet lunch, where you pay fixed price and eat as much as you want. “Tudo Pelo Social” offers Brazilian cuisine, in Bar Gamrinos you will find Portuguese one, Sabor Natural is typical buffet and self service, Galpao Criolo offers Argentine cuisine.
A must try:
erva mate - traditional beverage

What to see

The best option to see most of the tourist attractions at Porto Alegre is to take “Linha Turismo”.  This is a tourist bus, which route is 28 km/17 mi long, and it’s the best opportunity to see the main attractions of the city. The ticket price is R$ 5-7  (US$ 2-3). Don’t miss to visit Monumento aos Açorianos , Santuário Mãe de Deus or some of the city parks. It’s also a good idea to see the fantastic sunset over Guaíba river.


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