2014 World cup host cities - Recife, Brazil


Founded by Dutch colonizers between 1535 and 1537, Recife is the capital city of Pernambuco. With its population of more than 1,5 million people, the city is one of the largest in the northeastern part of Brazil. Metro area is fifth largest with 3,744,000 inhabitants and is host of one of the major Brazilian ports. Recife is also known as the capital of the North-east and Brazilian Venice. It is one of the most exciting cities, after Salvador with its historic center. 
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Recife, Brazil
Recife, Brazil


Recife is situated on the northeastern coast of Brazil, where Capibaribe River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The city is divided into four major areas – Centre (Centro), North Zone (Zona Norte), South Zone (Zona Sul) and West Zone (Zona Oeste) and occupies an area of 218 sq km (84 sq mi). 


Recife has a tropical climate and temperatures in the dry season (September to March) varies between 21 °C / 70 °F and 38 °C / 100 °F and 15 °C / 59 °F and 37 °C / 99 °F in the rainy season (April-August).

How to get there

  • by air
To get to Recife by air, you will land at International Recife Airport / Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre, which is 11 km/6.9 mi away from the city center. There is a metro station at the airport, so the city can be reached very easily by metro line South (Lihna Sul). If you prefer to take a taxi, just call +55 81 3322 5050 (Common) or  +55 81 3322 4153 (Special).
  • by bus 
The main long-distance bus terminal is Terminal Integrado de Passageiros. It is served by metro and it takes 15 minutes to get to downtown.
  • by sea 
With its reconstructed passenger terminal, Recife port accepts cruise ships from all over the world. 

How to Get Around

It is very easy for foreign travelers to get around Recife by its Metro system, which is second largest in Brazil and is connected with airport and main bus terminal.  However, buses are the most useful form of public transportation. 
Using a taxi is also a good option to get around, but I recommend you to look for air-conditioned ones.

World cup 2014 Stadium location 

The Pernambuco Arena was built in 2013 and is the venue for 2014 world cup. The capacity of the stadium is 46 000 people and will host four matches:
Group stage
Match 6
14.06.14 – Ivory Coast v Japan
Match 24
20.06.14 – Italy v Costa Rica
Match 34
23.06.14 – Croatia v Mexico
Match 45
26.06.14 – USA v Germany
Round of Sixteen
Match 52
29.06.14 – 1D v 2C
Pernambuco Arena is located about 18 km/ 11 mi west from Recife center in a suburb of Recife - São Lourenço da Mata. The easiest way to get there is by metro - you have to get off on Cosme Damian Road station or TIP station and after that to catch a bus, which goes straight to the stadium. 

Where to Stay

Most accommodation options are in the city along the coast, so I will recommend you to look for a hotel , which is close to a metro station. There are however some hotels which a closer to the stadium:

Where to Eat

Gastronomy lovers will appreciate Recife, because they will discover a lot of high-quality restaurants. There is some Portugal, Dutch and African influence on the local culinary.  Except the restaurants, there are a lot of options to eat fresh food, sitting on the beach. The best choice there is seafood.
Some of the restaurants that I could recommend:
  • Chica Pitanga – per-kilo buffet;
  • Quina do Futuro - Japanese cuisine;
  • Buraco da Otília – traditional cuisine;
  • Mingus – a stylish restaurant with a relaxing jazz music.

A must try:
Caldinho - a type of soup

What to do and what to see

Don’t miss to visit Recife beaches, with its white sand, clear waters and coral reefs. A very popular one is the Boa Viagem beach.
Other popular places, which worth seeing are: Sinagoga Kahal Zur Israel; Mercado de São José; the cathedral Pátio de São Pedro; the Malakoff Tower; Recife Antigo (Old Recife) buildings.
You could try Catamaran Rides in the Capibaribe River, Scuba-diving or Panorama flight, also. 


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