2014 World cup host cities - Curitiba, Brazil


Curitiba is the capital of the Brazilian state Paraná, which is located in the southern part of Brazil. The city was founded in 1693 and 1,8 million people live there nowadays.  The population is formed mainly by European emigrants from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Italy.
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Curitiba - Brazil, Foto: Portal da Copa


Curitiba is situated in south part of Brazil at about  105 km (65 mi) west of the Atlantic Ocean and sits on a plateau at 932 m (3000 ft.) above sea level. The city occupies an area of 432 sq. km. (166 sq. mi.).


Curitiba has a subtropical climate, but because of the altitude of almost 1000 meters above the sea level, an average minimum temperature during the winter (June-September) is 7 °C (45 °F) and sometimes falling even below 0 °C (32 °F). In the summer (December-March) temperatures could reach of maximum through 30°C / 90°F.

How to get there

  • by air

Afonso Pena International Airport is located about 17 km (10.6 miles) from Curitiba city center and close to Sao José dos Pinhais.
There is minibus line (Aeroporto Executivo) connecting the airport to the city center, which costs R$ 10,00 / USD 4,5. The Direct Line 208 (Ligeirinho Aeroporto) is another option of transportation to downtown.
Taxi services:
Associação Rádio Táxi Alternativa - +55 41 3257-5757
Associação Rádio Táxi LTDA -  +55 41 3262-6262
Associação Teletaxi - +55 41 3224-2424
Taxi service from airport to Curitiba downtown will cost you about R$ 60 / USD  27.

  • by bus

The main bus terminal is part of the larger Train and Bus station -  Estaçao Rodoferroviária. There are buses from Curitiba to most of the Brazilian cities, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

 How to Get Around

Public transportation system in Curitiba consists mainly of buses (metro system is under construction) and it is the recommended transportation option for tourists. Single ticket costs between R$ 1,50 and R$ 2,70  (USD 0,67 / USD 1,2).

World cup 2014 Stadium location 

Baixada Arena will be the venue of four group stage World Cup 2014 matches. Located just 3,5 km /2 mi from Curitiba city center, the stadium has capacity of 42 000 seats.
To get to the stadium, you can take bus number 203 or to walk (which will take you half an hour from Praça Tiradentes).
Group stage
16.06.14 – Iran - Nigeria
20.06.14 – Honduras - Ecuador
23.06.14 – Australia - Spain
26.06.14 – Algeria  – Russia

Where to Stay

If you are looking for cheap hotels, the best option to find something is around Curitiba’s city Centre. If you prefer to stay near the stadium, there are a lot of good hotels at walking distance of the Arena da Baixada:

Where to Eat

Like in most Brazilian cities, you will find fixed price restaurants or Por Quilo in Curitiba, too. The very typical dish you must try is – barreado (beef stew that simmers slowly for more than 24 hours in a clay pot). Restaurants offering local cuisine can be found at the Batel area, while Santa Felicidade area abounds with Italian restaurants .
The favorite drink in Curitiba, like in the rest of Brazil is ‘caipirinha’ (cachaca, liquor that is distilled from sugar cane mixed with lime and sugar).

What to do and what to see

While in Curitiba you may visit Botanical Garden with its Flower Museum, Oscar Niemeyer Museum (One of the biggest and most modern museums in Brazil), Barigüi Park (1.4 million sq.m. park), Ópera de Arame (one of the symbols of Curitiba), Metropolitan Cathedral at Tiradentes plaza , Japan square and historic part, (Largo da Ordem / Praça Coronel Enéas, Praça Garibaldi – São Francisco).


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