2014 World cup host cities - Manaus, Brazil


Manaus is the capital of the biggest Brazilian state Amazonas. Founded in 1693, the city has population of about 2 million people. Amazonas is one of the foremost far-famed places on the earth as a result of its within the middle of the world’s biggest woodland. The state is larger than France and Spain put together.
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Manuas - Brazil
Manuas - Brazil, Foto: Portal da Copa


Manaus is situated in the north part of Brazil, where the Negro meets the Amazon river (also known as Solimões) in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Manaus occupies an area of 11 sq. km. (4 sq. mi.), while the Amazonas state is 1.5 million sq. km. (579 238 sq. mi.).


Manaus has an equatorial climate and average temperatures of 28º C / 82 °F and air humidity of over 80 %. The rainy season is from December to May and the dry one, between June and November.

How to get there

Access to Manaus is mainly by boat or airplane, because the city is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

  • by air

Eduardo Gomes International Airport is the main entry point to Manaus and is located 14 km / 9 mi north of downtown.
To get Amazonia Arena, you could use bus lines 59 Com. São Pedro/C. Sales/T3; 306 Airport/T1/City Centre and 3 T3/Redenção/Ponta Negra. Ticket price is R$ 2.75 (USD 1.2). Taxi price to Amazonia Arena is fixed to R$ 65.00 (USD 30) .

  • by boat

If you have 5 days to spend, you can take a boat from Belém (on the Atlantic Ocean) and reach Manaus on the Amazon River.

How to Get Around

You could use Manaus public transport, but have in mind that from 5 to 7 pm at and 7 to 8 a.m., buses are filled with commuters and it’s not a bad idea to avoid travelling at that times.
Taxis have two rates:
1.Working days, from 6 am to 10 pm: R$ 2.40 / USD 1
2.Working days, from 10 pm to 6 am and  Sundays and holidays: R$ 3.20 / USD 1.5

World cup 2014 Stadium location 

Amazonia Arena (Arena da Amazônia) will host 2014 World cup football matches. The stadium has 45 000 seats and is just 7 km / 4.3 mi away from the airport.
Group stage
Match 8
14.06.14 – England - Italy
Match 18
18.06.14 – Cameroon - Croatia
Match 30
22.06.14 – USA - Portugal
Match 41
25.06.14 – Honduras - Switzerland

Where to Stay

There are plenty of hotels in city center (centro), but for those of you who prefer to stay near Amazonia Arena, there are a few options on a walking distance.

Where to Eat

Manaus cuisine offers delicious river fishes, which you definitely must try. Tambaqui is the favorite fish of Amazonian people and pirarucu is the biggest one. Other local meals are: tacacá – local soup; tapioquinha - a glutinous pancake made from manioc starch. The typical local drink is sugar cane juice.
Some good restaurants:

  • Cafeteria do Largo – Brazilian cuisine;
  • Tambaqui de Banda – a fish restaurant;
  • Casa da Sopa - a soup buffet.

What to do and what to see

The Amazon rain forest attracts thousands of tourists, who are curious to see wildlife on land and in the rivers. One of the top attractions is the place of the confluence of the Rio Negro River’s black waters and the Solimoes River brown waters, flowing side by side without mixing.  So if you decide to see those wonders of the nature, it’s good to know that there are boats tours in Manaus. You may also try some of the river beaches like Ponta Negra Beach and Praia da Lua Beach or to visit The National Park of Jaú.
Beside the amazing Amazonian nature, there are other places of interest in Manaus like Amazonas Opera house (Teatro Amazonas) and Rio Negro Palace.


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