iOS 7 - a new face for my old iPhone 4

My iPhone 4 is one of the gadgets that is always in my pocket, when I travel.
As you may already know - iOS 7 is already a reality. iOS 7 is Apple's latest update and its biggest change since iOS debuted six years ago. I succeed to upgrade my old iPhone   on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PDT (you could read here how to update).

iPhone 4, iOS 7 Home screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Home screen

How I update my iPhone 4 to iOS7 ?

I was checking minute after minute for the update on my device and on iTunes. Voila , I read that update is ready to be installed. I was so excited that I started to update simultaneously over the air and via iTunes. iTunes started to update to its latest version - 11.1, so I disconnected the phone and continued the update wireless. 
It took less than an hour until I saw my iPhone's new face.
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Lock screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Lock screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Passcode screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Passcode screen
I missed something very important – DON’T FORGET TO BACKUP your device, before update! Multitasking - a smart way to switch between apps.
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Multitasking
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Multitasking
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Phone screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Phone screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Game center
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Game center
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Calendar
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Calendar
"Notification Center lets you know about new mail, missed calls, to-dos that need doing, and more. "
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Notification center
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Notification center
"Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps you always seem to need right this second."
Iphone 4, iOS 7 Control center
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Control center
Photos in iOS 7 -  easier and more delightful ways to scroll down memory lane. Introducing Years, Collections, and Moments — smart groupings of your photos and videos based on time and place. 
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Photos
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Photos
"Browsing is bigger, better, and more beautiful with Safari in iOS 7."
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Safari
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Safari

Apps Near Me — a new feature of the App Store in iOS 7 — shows you a collection of popular apps relevant to your current location. 
iPhone 4, iOS 7 App Store
iPhone 4, iOS 7 App Store
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Settings
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Settings
iPhone 4, iOS 7 iTunes Store
iPhone 4, iOS 7 iTunes Store
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Utilities screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 Utilities screen
iPhone 4, iOS 7 latest Facebook update
iPhone  4, iOS 7 latest Facebook update 
To be honest I liked previous design more. iOS 7 is somehow simple and not so beautiful. But the new features are awesome.


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