iOS 7 upgrade, 5 days later

First impressions after iOS 7 upgrade

5 days after upgrading my iPhone4 and iPad2 to iOS 7, I’m thinking of downgrading to iOS 6.
After I met a little boy in a cellphone shop, who asked me:

   - Sir do you know how I could have back my previous iOS, because this is very ugly, I talked to myself oh my god Its the same feeling that I have. I've heard other opinions like this, also.

iOS 6
iOS 6

iOS 7
iOS 7

Why I want iOS 6.1.4 back ?

·         Design

I don’t like it simply because it’s not so captivating and aesthetic as previous ones. The user interface design of iOS was one of the things that I loved in Apple products. It was so different and beautiful, making everything to looks like real. Now it’s so simple, it’s now just ONE OF THE OTHERS. From the point of view of simplicity – Windows Phone is much better and I really don’t understand why Apple decide to make iOS 7 similar to WP ?

·         Performance

I don’t know how about 4S, but my iPhone 4 become more sluggish. My Lumia is at least twice faster than the iPhone and it is especially notable when making phone calls.
About  iPad 2, I cannot say it bothers me.
Of Course control center and notification center are big improvements, but I recommend not hurrying in upgrading.


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